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Smoked snoek pate

Smoked snoek pâté

  • Post published:January 28, 2017

Having guests over for a braai or a light and summery lunch this weekend? No starter will go down so well as a this smoked snoek pâté served with a selection of crackers, cheese, pickles and fresh fruit.

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Irish coffee

Irish coffee

  • Post published:January 20, 2017

Coffee, whipped cream and a smooth Irish whiskey. Could there be better combination? Let us show you how to make it the traditional way so you can serve it up to your guests after dinner.

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Keep cool keep healthy

Keep cool (no ice cream required)

  • Post published:January 12, 2017

It’s January and summer is heating up. Your first thought may to raid the ice lollies in the freezer (and stick your whole head into it while you’re at it!), but we have a few healthier and more practical suggestions to cool you off from the inside out and nourish you as well.

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