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Keep cool keep healthy

Keep cool (no ice cream required)

By Jana du Plessis

It’s January and summer is heating up. Your first thought may to raid the ice lollies in the freezer (and stick your whole head into it while you’re at it!), but we have a few healthier and more practical suggestions to cool you off from the inside out and nourish you as well.

1. Chilled soup

Soup wasn’t made only for winter. A cool and refreshing summer soup is just as filling and delicious as its warmer counterpart. We suggest this creamy one that’s full of flavour and nutrients.

2. Watermelon slushies

… or cucumber, strawberry or any other fruit you like! Simply freeze, then blitz with some mint and a squeeze of lemon juice. (We won’t tell if you sneaked in a shot of rum, or two…

3. Fruity pops

This one is probably the easiest and quickest way to beat the heat. Pour some fresh fruit juice without any sweeteners into ice-lolly moulds, pop in the freezer for a few hours and enjoy the sweet taste summer. If you don’t have moulds, simple clean a pack of mini yoghurt tubs and use those. Poke a wooden stick into each one halfway through the freezing process.

4. Colourful water

Fill your ice-cube moulds with berries, lemon juice or refreshing herbs and edible flowers, then top up with water. Add to sparkling water to sip on throughout the day.

5. Go ice-skating

The ultimate way to lower the temperature? Take part in an icy activity! Ice-skating may not involve food per se, but spending quality time with your kids and family will nourish your soul and keep you cool as a cucumber, no matter the weather.

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