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Freezer-safe leftovers to use in your next meal

In the fight against food waste, an ice cube tray can become your most-used kitchen gadget. It’s an ideal way to store small amounts of leftover ingredients from cooking big meals. You’ll be surprised at our list of freezer safe foods, perfect to unmould and pop into your meal to add depth of flavour:  

Brown butter (add to soups, stews and sauces) 

Tomato paste (add to marinades, beef mince or chicken while cooking) 

Yoghurt with fruit (add to smoothies or custards) 

Red wine (add to the pan to deglaze while cooking) 

Bacon fat (add to meat dishes or defrost and drizzle meat with it before cooking) 

Pesto (add to sauces, pastas or defrost to brush pastries once out the oven)  

Remember to label your trays with the ingredient name and date of freezing. You don’t want a bacon fat lemonade!


Words by: Chad January
Photographs: Zhann Solomons, Fresh Living Magazine, Getty, Shutterstock 


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