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New year health tips

Top tips to start 2017 on a healthy note

By Jana du Plessis

Welcome to the new year! It’s the time to start fresh, set up your new year’s resolutions and let go of all things last year. The after-effects of all the recent festive feasting may still be lingering, but here are some top tips for restoring balance and keeping healthy this year.

Let the negativity go
The first step to being happy and healthy this year is to give up on negative thinking. Yes, you ate one too many scoops of trifle or went a little overboard with the vino, but you have the memories shared with family and friends. Be thankful for past experiences and focus on a positive future.

Light and bright
Make your diet your first point of action. When grocery shopping, first fill up your basket with fresh fruits and veggies, then buy additional staples like lean protein, brown rice, pasta and beans. Seasonal produce will naturally be lighter foods (as opposed to winter’s squashes and root vegetables), which will fill you up without weighing you down.

Summer cooking
Take cue from the sunny season and stick to food preparations that are ideal for summer months. Raw veg salads and fruit, or a quick grill on the braai are healthy ways to prep dishes and eliminate the unnecessary extra kilojoules that come with deep-frying or creamy baked casseroles.

Experiment and explore
Avoid becoming bored of healthy eating by trying new recipes and ingredients each week. Ever had grilled fruit with yoghurt, nuts and honey for dessert? You’ll be surprised how delicious it is, and it won’t leave you with a sugar high like from cakes, ice cream and pudding. Don’t know what to do with brinjals? If their beautiful purple hue isn’t winning you over, a new recipe sure will!

Water wise
Water flushes out bodily toxins, aids in digestion and plays a vital role in basic cellular function. For a healthy body, it’s imperative to drink lots of water. Aim for 1L a day, but you could need closer to 2L a day if you are very active.

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