Apricot-butter braaied snoek

  • Post published:September 6, 2017

With spring and Heritage Month swooping down on us at the same time, we have no choice but to light the fire and make the most of South Africa’s beautiful fresh produce. Gather the crowd and treat them to our braaied snoek this weekend.

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Red quinoa sushi rolls

  • Post published:August 17, 2017

Craving sushi? These bright red beauties are delicious and also super healthy. When you are making your quinoa sushi rolls, if the quinoa is not sticky enough, simply add a tsp of cornflour to make the mixture easier to roll up.

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Tuna sliders

  • Post published:July 26, 2017

Not only are these little guys great for serving as a canapé at your next get-together, our tuna sliders also make a healthy and wholesome work lunch or snack. The Heart and Stroke Foundation SA recommends eating at least two servings (100g each) of oily fish a week to lower cholesterol and prevent blood clotting.

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Crumpet stack

  • Post published:May 14, 2017

Just keep stacking! Our crumpet stack stuffed full of dill, mascarpone and smoked salmon are what weekend brunch dreams are made of.

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