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What to look for when shopping for fish

There are many things to look out for when shopping for fish, but most importantly, we want freshness. Remember that fish that is being sold as ‘fresh’ has been previously frozen, for example on board trawlers, which can stay at sea for up to two weeks. So what can you look out for?


Skin – Select fish with taut, shiny skin. If the scales are lifting, it’s been sitting there a while.
Springy – The flesh should bounce back when pressed with your finger.
Sparkling – Look for eyes that are bright, clear and shiny.
Sea – If you’re on the coast, go to a fish market and get it right off the boats.


Dense – Look for solid flesh with no gaps or layers
Dry – Avoid it if the fluid has accumulated at the bottom of the packaging.
Date – Pick the pack with the furthest-away use-by date.

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