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5 Valentine’s Day date ideas for foodies

Ah, Valentine’s Day. You either love the romance, gifting and chocolates, or you absolutely despise the day. One thing’s for sure, no matter how you feel, there’s bound to be food involved! While you may not be the lovey-dovey type, there are still plenty of date ideas and all they take is some fresh ingredients and some time in the kitchen!

By Taryn Wilson


Heading out to fine establishment to enjoy a romantic meal with your other half may seem cliché but will still hold plenty of enjoyment (especially if the food is good). This route is slightly more extravagant, so you may want to add something small to give the date a personal touch. Make your own dessert to enjoy together at home after your meal for a sweet and intimate moment. Home-made Turkish delight will never fail!


For something more casual, you can go for a simple treat with a scenic view. Enjoying a hot cheesy pizza on a rooftop or hill may be you and your partner’s preferred choice of ‘wining and dining’. The relaxed and peaceful setting will put you at ease and let you enjoy each other’s company in a special way. Also, did we mention that making your own pizza is amazing? There’s nothing like this ham, fig and Brie pizza.


Forget the hearts and boxes of chocolates, be creative with dinner and opt for themed foods representing a common interest between you and your partner. You may both love superheroes and comics, or have a wicked taste for Halloween. Decorate your home and prep the meals in advance for a special and fun surprise. Not sure where to start? Try this Halloween-themed 3-course treat!


Not only is it an indulgent time, but taking a cooking class with your other half is a fun and unique activity that you’ll both benefit from. The options are also endless – from sushi, decadent chocolate desserts and traditional African meals to wine-making, Asian cuisine and local treats with flair, you’re bound to find something you’ll both enjoy!


Maybe you’d both rather skip the fancy and creative ideas and settle for something simple and cosy – a good old-fashioned braai! Enjoy a few drinks by the fireplace and make your favourite chops with a side salad and some braaied mealies for a lekker time. We recommend these pork chops with bacon jam and Cheddar for a sweet finish.

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