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Stop judging diets

Shift the focus from your friend’s diet to your own plate

Eating out has become somewhat of a challenge, with Sally not eating carbs and Rushda having gone vegan. Not to mention the Banter, the paleo-dieter and the Atkins follower who also wants to follow suit. With all of these differing views on diets and food, it becomes easy to judge others on their food choices. But for your own sanity, here’s how to avoid the criticism and focus on enjoying your food instead.

By Jana du Plessis

We want YOU
Every person has a different genetic make-up, so what works for one person won’t be beneficial for the next. The way we respond to food is an individual thing, so it only makes sense to adapt our diets accordingly. If you find that eating less meat makes you feel more energetic and healthy, don’t look down on your friend who thrives on large amounts of protein. Our lifestyles are never exactly the same, which means we have entirely different nutrient needs.

Changing views
If you find yourself constantly peeking at what others are eating and making assessments on whether or not you consider it a healthy choice to eat, stop those thoughts in their tracks and rather turn to your own meal. If you consider your diet to be healthy, nutrient-dense and nourishing for your body, would you want someone questioning your choices? If the foods you enjoy are fuelling you the right way, it shouldn’t matter what your friend next to you decides to power up with through the day.

Making peace
Don’t be afraid to share your reasons, tips and motivations for eating the way you do, but make an effort to be receptive to other lifestyles and diet choices. No matter the diet or food preference, there is always something to learn from each. The goal is to prioritise your healthy habits, not break others down. Let’s celebrate our bio-individuality!

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