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Pumpkin soup with smoked snoek and Peppadew crostini

This beautifully plated and fancy-sounding dish will come together in mere minutes with ingredients from the ready-made section of your local supermarket. Serve this gorgeous pumpkin soup to start the next time you have guests over and they’ll think you’ve been slaving away for hours. But don’t worry, we won’t tell…


500 g ready-made pumpkin soup
1 mini baguette
½ cup plain cream cheese
200 g smoked snoek, deboned and flaked
100 g artichokes, chargrilled and marinated
4 Peppadews, thinly sliced
80 g sugar snap peas, steamed
Micro-rocket, to garnish

1. Warm the soup over medium heat.
2. Cut the baguette in quarters so you have four long, thin slices. Toast the slices.
3. Put the cream cheese in a piping bag and pipe on to each piece of bread in dollops.
4. Arrange the snoek, artichokes, Peppadews and sugar snap peas between the dollops of cream cheese. Garnish with micro-rocket.
5. Divide the warm pumpkin soup between four bowls and serve with the crostini.

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