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What is the best local dish from your province?

No matter where you are in our beautiful country, you will be met with a rich variety of traditional meals that date back to the very start of South Africa’s formation. Keep reading to see the best local dish from your province. You will know these amazing meals for either their taste, their popularity or both!

By Taryn Wilson

GAUTENG – Mogodu with ting

A delicious tripe stew that is slow-cooked for a long period of time and paired with ting, a porridge made from fermented sorghum.


Snoek bobotie on

Traditionally made with mince, this hearty dish incorporates spices and an egg-and-milk top layer, which is then left to cook in the oven before enjoying. Raisins, apples, and apricot jam can even be added to up the sweetness of this local favourite.

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NORTHERN CAPE – Roosterkoek and venison potjie

Bacon and cider roosterkoek on

Bread dough is moulded into thick square-like shapes and cooked over an open fire to make these perfect braai snacks. These are best paired with braai meat or potjies for an amazingly full meal.

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EASTERN CAPE – Umngqusho (Samp and beans)

Samp (unhusked corn), is paired with beans to make a warm and filling side dish to meaty stews.

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KWAZULU-NATAL – Bunny chow

Mutton curry bunny chow

An ever-growing favourite, bunny chow comprises a spicy curry, usually with mince, which is placed inside the hollowed out centre of a loaf of bread.

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Free State – Potjiekos

Tomato bredie potjie

Potjies are traditionally a social gathering, where three-legged pots are heated over a fire and various meats, vegetables and spices are gradually cooked, and later enjoyed with home-baked potbrood (pot bread) or roosterkoek.

TRY IT: Tomato bredie potjie with parsley pesto and potbrood

Limpopo – Chicken feet and cow heels

These delicacies are slow-cooked until soft and enjoyed with various sides including samp, beans and pap.

Mpumalanga – Mashonza (mopane Worms)

Mopane worms are a favourite dish of the Venda people of South Africa. They are typically cooked and enjoyed with tomatoes, onions and garlic, making for quite the nutritious meal.

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