Chicken and swoodle stir-fry

  • Post published:November 7, 2017

Swoodles? We just can’t get enough of sweet potato noodles! If you don’t have a spiraliser at home, just use your veggie peeler to slice long strips from your sweet potatoes. And then cook them into our chicken and swoodle stir-fry, of course.

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Camping on a budget

Camping eats for the budget-conscious

  • Post published:January 30, 2017

Once you have all the necessary equipment, a holiday in the great outdoors can be an amazingly cost-efficient venture. And just because you’re kicking it outdoors, doesn’t mean you have to resort to unhealthy and expensive readily-prepared supermarket meals. A little planning can go a long way, and we’re here to help you make your summer camping trip a fun, cheap and healthy endeavour.

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Bubble and squeak

Bubble and squeak

  • Post published:January 22, 2017

One thing we hate here at MyKitchen HQ is wasting food. So if you have made way too much mashed potato, we’ll come to your rescue with our homely, comforting bubble and squeak. And even if you don’t have any leftovers, whip some up to make this lovely family meal.

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Eating out on a budget

Eating Out On A Budget

  • Post published:December 12, 2016

Nearly everyone enjoys eating out at a nice restaurant with friends and family, and why wouldn’t we? It’s a great way to get out the house and socialise with friends, plus you don’t even have to cook! But this luxury comes at a price … literally.

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