The Delightful Fatima Sydow

  • Post published:August 1, 2022

To some, she’s the mastermind behind the delicious recipes on her various social media platforms, while others might recognise her as one of the Sydow twins on the TV show Kaap, Kerrie en Koesisters. We sat down with Fatima Sydow to learn what made her fall in love with food

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Mutton curry bunny chow

History lesson: The bunny chow

  • Post published:May 31, 2018

South African cuisine has a rich history of mixing cultures and interesting food discoveries. A Durban-original dish, the bunny chow is a delicious local curry traditionally placed in the hulled-out centre of a half loaf of bread. 

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Microwave myth busting! Plus a delicious micro meal for dinner

  • Post published:May 22, 2018

As a standard household appliance, the microwave is magical. Many aren’t quite sure how it works, but we use it for so many things aside from just heating up leftovers. Microwaves can defrost frozen foods, cook popcorn, bacon, eggs, and also keep your meals protected and warm when you leave them in there. Honestly, they are life-savers! But how do they work and are all the health myths true?

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