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Jolly jelly shots

Jolly jelly shots

  • Post published:December 23, 2016

Everyone needs a bit of fun and colour during the festive season, so Roxy has whipped together this recipe for you to enjoy. Plus we made a little video to show you just how easy it is and how amazing these shots look!

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Honey-mustard gammon

  • Post published:December 18, 2016

Are you planning on ditching the turkey for a gammon this Christmas. We lathered ours in a money-mustard glaze made with rich brown sugar, for a unique take on a traditional ham.

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Tuna mould

Heather’s tuna mould

  • Post published:December 4, 2016

Every family cooks up something different on Christmas day, so we thought we’d share some of our own with you this festive season. Our editor, Heather, got this recipe from her grandmother, and she fondly remembers her gran bringing it along to Christmas lunch every year as a child.

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Read more about the article A traditional eggnog

A traditional eggnog

  • Post published:December 2, 2016

We are back to a traditional eggnog recipe with this one, raw egg and all. Although raw eggs have no negative health implications, many people don’t like the taste. In our recipe, we mostly use the whipped egg whites for that ;lovely texture this jolly drink is known for. So if you aren’t into that as an option, feel free to swap them out for unsweetened whipped cream.

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Read more about the article LUST Bistro’s Festive Fruitcake
LUST fruitcake

LUST Bistro’s Festive Fruitcake

  • Post published:November 26, 2016

As a special gift to you, LUST’s patron chef (and baker extraordinaire), Jean-Pierre Smith is sharing his signature traditional fruitcake recipe! Make it once, and we promise it will make an annual appearance on your Christmas table. Your family and friends will love this brandy-loaded cake filled with both classic and luxurious ingredients.

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Read more about the article Festive feasting with Tsogo Sun
Tsogo Sun

Festive feasting with Tsogo Sun

  • Post published:November 19, 2016

Earlier this year, Tsogo Sun hosted an astounding 11 course ‘Christmas in July’ feast for a group of food influencers. MK was lucky enough to score an invitation to the foodie spectacle. Now, Christmas is almost upon us, and we have the inside scoop on what to eat from Tsogo Sun’s menus, this holiday season.

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Season’s (indulgent) greeting’s

  • Post published:November 14, 2016

‘Tis the season of boozy office parties, end-of-year celebrations, lavish Christmas meals, and many a bottle of Champagne. Family, friends and the promise of presents, are all reason to be jolly, but overindulging in festive treats might leave you ringing in the new year with just a few more kilos than you’d like. With clever planning, and a few of our sneaky tricks, you can still enjoy the hoilday season, without gaining a dress size by January.

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