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Affordable festive decorating

The most affordable festive ways to decorate your Christmas table

If you’re looking for last-minute Christmas table setting ideas, you are in the right place! Leave the dusty tinsel in the cupboard and go for a more eco-friendly and natural theme this year, with home-made accents and low-key decorations.

1. Use a personal touch
Write each guest’s name on a leaf or piece of cardboard and use ribbon or string to tie it around their wineglass or cutlery.

2. Use nature
From pine cones and twigs to potted plants, adding some greenery to your table will add warmth and an uplifting atmosphere.

3. Use your pantry
Take a look at any pretty whole spices, herbs and other food items you have in your kitchen. Cinnamon sticks, star anise, sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme, or shiny red and green apples make beautiful centrepieces.

4. Use sweet treats
Put all that holiday baking to good use! Fill various glass jars with Christmas cookies or other festive sweets – not just pretty to look at, but also an after-dinner treat!

5. (Re)use paper
Gather newspaper, brown paper or scraps of wrapping paper and use them to write cute quotes that can go on each plate when you set the table. Or search the internet for some creative DIY hanging decorations to make with them.

6. Use candles
Skip the flickering Christmas lights (they never last very long anyway) and light a few scented candles to set the mood. Go for vanilla, cinnamon or gingerbread scented ones to add to the festive ambience.

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