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Riebeek Cellars Collection launches their new packaging

The Riebeek Cellars Collection has launched their new packaging that pays respect to the courageous spirit in every South African. Proudly produced by the Riebeek Valley Wine Co. in the heart of the Swartland wine region of South Africa, Riebeek Cellars Collection celebrates courage and determination in the face adversity – Tenacity Against the Odds.

Nestled in the picturesque Riebeek Valley, in the heart of the Swartland region, you’ll find vineyards on rolling slopes that thrive in untamed beauty. These vineyards are the legacy of generations who have nurtured these vines against the odds, through tough, dry-land conditions, to produce a distinctive collection of wines, the Riebeek Cellars Collection.

The Swartland is not the easiest place to make wine, but despite these tough conditions, or perhaps because of these challenges, the wines produced here have a signature depth of character (much like the people who live here). Pushing the boundaries and persevering through difficult conditions can produce great wines, Riebeek Cellars aims to salute these qualities in every South African who has overcome adversity against the odds with their new packaging. Our Riebeek Cellars Collection pays homage to the courageous, tenacious spirit that drives us all to overcome challenging circumstances.

There are so many stories that demonstrate this tenacity against the odds. Riebeek Cellars Collection is not only about vineyards, heritage, status and winemaking expertise. It is also about hope, determination and triumph in the face of ever-changing adversity. It is about taking time to reflect and appreciate what you’ve achieved. It’s about rewarding yourself for every triumph and celebrating how far you’ve come with family and friends who’ve supported you along the way. That’s what Riebeek Cellars Collection is all about.  Against the odds, their vineyards thrive, their community of families stand together, their wine-team hand-craft delicious, premium wines and we raise a glass with you!

Riebeek Cellars Collection is the sum of the land and its people. It is here, in the heart of the Swartland where only the toughest vines and people thrive. The Riebeek Cellars Collection celebrates this tenacious spirit in all of us. In every glass, expect multi-layered, fruit-forward character with balance and velvety smooth tannins – taste pure Swartland!

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