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Meet Linda’s Sought After Seedlings

The world is forever changed. In some ways for the better. One of the really good ones is the increased awareness of our food – the security, the freshness of produce which means a better quality, and the lifegiving health properties of eating food organically grown. Our mission is to supply the best heirloom, non-GMO and most exciting, vegetable seeds and to educate everyone how to grow their own food, sustainably, and preserve or improve their health at the same time.

Linda Galvad, owner of Sought After Seedlings, has studied the effect of the phytonutrients founds within all different kinds of vegetables, which are so varied, and all the essential nutrients to keep a healthy body and mind. With this knowledge has come the ability to educate people on gut health. To make it easier to acquire this information, she does talks and courses all over the country. The basis of a sustainable healthy diet is to grow your own food, organically. This she also teaches in her comprehensive courses which are offered in various venues. To discuss call Linda 0823650050.

To whet your appetite and motivate your creative cooking experience with some great vegetables, go onto our webiste to see the amazing varieties that you could include. Click on each image to get the information on that seed, look at our Build-a-bed for some guidance, watch some videos, attend a talk, come on a course, and go for growing! You will benefit from fresh, tasty, health food and get some exercise at the same time. For those that are stressed out, there’s no better past time than working with your plants, even on your windowsill. Enjoy.


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