Pesto, avocado and ricotta stuffed tomatoes

Published on November 3, 2021

Make the most of seasonal herbs and vegetables by creating this beautiful pesto, avocado and ricotta stuffed tomatoes dish.

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Chunky baba ganoush with onion rings

Published on October 28, 2021

When we think of healthy vegan/vegetarian food, this flavour-packed, nutritious chunky baba ganoush recipe comes to mind!

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Wholewheat noodles with broccoli and lemon

Published on October 25, 2021

Need a little vitamin C boost? Then dig into a wholesome bowl of wholewheat noodles with broccoli and lemon.

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Millionaire shortbread

Published on October 22, 2021

Would you believe that this millionaire shortbread recipe is vegan? Yes. You heard us! And it's just as tasty, if not tastier than the 'original'!

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Moroccan chickpea salad

Published on October 22, 2021

Say no to boring plain meals, and instead try this absolutely stunning, colorful and flavoursome Moroccan chickpea salad!

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Spinach and feta hand pies

Published on October 7, 2021

Prepare these spinach and feta hand pies in advance so that, on a busy week night, you can just grab one from the freezer, pop it in the oven and have dinner on the table in no time.

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Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings: Plant-based focus

Published on October 6, 2021

Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings are helping make plant-based meals magical! 

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Spinach and artichoke bake with ciabatta

Published on October 4, 2021

Simplify your dinner by making this hassle-free one pot spinach and artichoke bake. Serve with ciabatta (and maybe some wine).

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Ginger and miso soup with grilled tofu

Published on September 23, 2021

In the mood for asian food, but not looking for anything too heavy? Then we got you covered with this ginger and miso soup with grilled tofu recipe.

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Spicy Spanish omelette

Published on September 22, 2021

Are you in a mood for a hearty breakfast, but lacking ideas? Then look no further because our budget-friendly spicy Spanish omelette has your name on it!

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