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Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings: Plant-based focus

Conceived and expertly blended to take your favourite greens, veggies and plant-based culinary creations to higher planes of deliciousness, this new-to-market offering consists of three distinctive ingredient and flavour fusions: Sprinkle, Steam and Roast. Experts agree that more leafy greens plus more red and orange vegetables are a powerful way to ensure you get your essential daily doses of nutrients, fibre and vitamins – and Cape Herb and Spice Veggie Seasonings are here to make every single one of those veggie moments count.

This innovative and tasty trio of carefully balanced veggie-focused seasonings ensures every mouthful tastes amazing! Use them to zing up salads, stir fries or roasts, and add to veggie fries, oven bakes, frittatas, casseroles and of course on your favourite steamed greens too.
Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings
Each Veggie Seasoning is an expertly developed shakeable blend that’s filled with a selection of flavourful ingredients and Himalayan pink salt. Dried herbs, vegetables, seeds and spices are brought together in a series of inspired combinations that make everything taste moreish. 

Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings contain absolutely no preservatives, no artificial colourants or flavourants, and definitely no added MSG or cane sugar – they are simply a perfectly balanced and flavourful blend of real ingredients, designed to amplify your favourite veggies’ great taste.

Since 1994, Cape Herb & Spice food scouts have travelled the globe sourcing the very best ingredients to share with fellow keen cooks and flavour fans. The Veggie Seasonings collection celebrates the joy that can be found in taking your favourite ingredients, sides and accompaniments to new heights – discovering new ways to elevate everyday foods into extraordinary ones.

Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings


Designed to be used directly over your favourite raw vegetables and greens, mixed into olive oil for a dressing, or even into cream cheese as a dip, this aromatic and savoury seasoning is a herby blend with a healthy pop of peppers, toasted seeds and moreish umami flavours.
This robust blend will soon become a kitchen staple – thanks to its well-balanced flavour profile of savoury, sweet and warm spiced notes. Simply toss veggies in olive oil and season well before roasting – then let the oven bring your veggies to life. Butternut, pumpkin, potatoes and onions love this delicious blend – especially when used to flavour oven bakes.
Steamed vegetables are nutrient-dense but can often do with some help. This herb-laden and slightly zingy seasoning (thanks to the addition of sumac, lemon and celery seed) transforms steamed veg into stars of the show. Think steamed spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and kale – and just wait until you taste this on just-cooked mielies!
As the world embraces more plant-based meals as a way of life, there’s no doubt Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings will make the journey a delicious and joyful one.
Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings
Cape Herb & Spice Veggie Seasonings are suitable for vegans, Kosher and Halaal
*Available in PnP, Food Lovers and select Spars

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