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Loadshedding-friendly meals for Mother’s Day 

Don’t let loadshedding stop you from serving mom an eye-catching feast fit for royalty this Mother’s Day, says editor Chad January.  

Snack spread 

Keep the lunch cravings at bay with these moreish snacks to keep you full while the coals heat up. 

Spanspek salad with salami & mozzarella 

Serves 4-6 (as a starter) 

You can swap out salami for shredded chicken and mozzarella for crumbled feta or dollops of cultured crème. 

Peel and deseed half a spanspek (sweet melon). Cut into 4 wedges, then very thinly slice each wedge lengthways. Halve and slice 2 nectarines in the same way. Place 1 packet (80g) rocket, ½ punnet (10g) fresh basil, stems discarded, and ½ sliced red onion into a large salad bowl. Top with fruit slivers and toss together. Dot with 200g fresh mozzarella balls (bocconcini) and 1 packet (100g) Italian salami. Season, drizzle with olive oil and add a squeeze of lemon juice. 

Phyllo baked camembert 

Serves 4-6 (as a starter) 

Take it up a notch and wrap camembert in streaky bacon before wrapping in pastry for added flair.  

Place 1 sheet phyllo pastry onto a clean surface and brush with melted butter. Top with another pastry sheet and repeat process another four times. Place 1 (125g) camembert wheel into the centre of the pastry and scrunch up the ends to enclose, creating a parcel. Wrap the “parcel” neatly in two layers of foil making sure it is secure. Create a well with medium-hot coals, placing the phyllo parcel in the centre. Cook for about 8-10 minutes, turning regularly until pastry is cooked and cheese has melted. Unwrap, place on a serving platter, drizzle with honey and sprinkle with chopped mixed nuts. Serve immediately with crackers or bread. 

Cider-fried chorizo with olives 

Serves 6 (as a starter) 

Adding cider to the pan creates a rich, spiced gravy – the perfect dip for crusty bread or pita chunks. 

Heat a glug of canola oil in a cast iron pan over medium-hot coals. Slice 1 coil (300g) chorizo into 2cm-thick slices and fry for 3-4 minutes until crisp. Add 2 fresh or dried bay leaves, a few thyme sprigs and 2 cups (500ml) cider. Simmer gently for 3-5 minutes. Spoon into a serving dish and add 1 packet (200g) drained kalamata olives and toss to cover in sauce. Serve while warm with bowls of hummus and crunchy veg or bread as dippers. 


Words by: Chad January
Recipes & photographs: Fresh Living Magazine 

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