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4 quick and easy hacks to steal from Instagram

Modern life is all about the rush of work, family, friends – and social media! Here is our selection of handy tips from our favourite foodie Instagram accounts. These nifty hacks will make things a little easier in the kitchen.

By Jana du Plessis

1. Fast Food


This cooking hack allows you to shred chicken in mere seconds! Simply place a warm, cooked chicken breast in your food processor, pulse for a few seconds and you have finely shredded chicken in a jiffy! Use your shredded chicken in pies, Mexican burrito’s or tossed in a salad.

2. Roll with it!


To get the most from a lemon’s juice, roll the lemon on your countertop. The pressure from the palm of your hand will gently burst the juicy cells inside. You’ll get all that tangy juice without heavy squeezing. The best way to add some zing and brightness to a dish is with a drizzle of lemon juice – think gaucamole, grilled fish or citrus pancakes!

3. Herby Hack


Place your leftover fresh herbs in a jar and submerge their stems in water. This nifty trick will keep your herbs crisp and green for longer. Use basil for pesto, mint leaves for smoothies and rosemary for a hearty roast!

4. Freeze focus


Enjoy your favourite summer produce – in winter! Freeze your leftover fruits and veggies in ziplock bags. Add frozen berries to winter desserts or your morning bowl of oats and frozen corn adds a bursts of sweetness in a warming stew.

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