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BACTERRORIST aids in war against dirt, not the environment

Want to be more eco-conscious in your home? Use the BACTERRORIST ®, the non-toxic all-purpose cleaner that works for almost the entire house. You can use it for sinks, toilets, ovens, stainless steel appliances, and even your windows and recycling bins.


What are Enzyme Cleaning Products?

Enzyme Cleaners are products, like detergents, that are used to clean bathrooms, kitchens, and other household areas. They use non-pathogenic, ‘good’ bacteria to break down stains, soil, waste and malodours. When they are applied to organic materials like dirt, grease and oil, they accelerate the natural biodegrading process, essentially ‘eating’ these substances.

When activated, the enzymes attack, eat, or digest the amino and fatty acids that bond organic materials together. They first break down the ‘waste’ into smaller pieces and then these ‘pieces’ become food for the bacteria – carbon dioxide and water. They continue to reproduce and eat all of the waste until it’s completely removed from the surface.




All stains and odours are made up of different molecules and there are particular enzymes that break down those specific molecules. For example, the enzyme called Proteases breaks down Proteins (e.g. meat, egg and gravy). The enzyme Amylases break down Starches (bread, potatoes, and rice). The enzyme Lipases break down Fats and Grease, and Xylanase breaks down plant cell walls.


The human digestive system is a good example of how enzymes work.

When food is consumed, the enzymes that are in your saliva start the digestive process in the mouth. By the time you swallow, the enzymes have started breaking down the Proteins, Starches, Fats and Greases into smaller components and are easier to digest in the gut.



So, why is the Bacterrorist more Sustainable than other conventional Cleaning Products?
•   Because since the bacteria multiplies and eats dirt hours after application, you will need to use LESS PRODUCT than with conventional chemical detergents.
•   It’s NON-TOXIC, making it environmentally and user friendly
•   It’s VEGAN with no component of its formulation being tested on animals (it is endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty)
•   It’s produced and distributed LOCALLY, minimizing emissions and impact.
•   It’s a MULTI-PURPOSE product, so you’ll have one plastic bottle instead of a dozen.
•   You can REFILL the 500ml spray bottle with our 5l or 25l refill bottles, REDUCING plastic waste with every purchase.

To learn more about the BACTERRORIST, visit our website BACTERRORIST.COM



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