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Waterkloof’s Gregory Czarnecki brings home the coveted Chef of the Year

Waterkloof Estate’s superbly talented chef, Gregory Czarnecki, was awarded the coveted title of Eat Out’s 2016 Chef of the Year. As if that weren’t enough, his ‘restaurant in the sky’ came third in SA’s top 10 and was crowned the finest eatery in the Helderberg.

By Mikaela Kagan

Gregory has been described as many things in the kitchen, but it’s safe to say that at the core of his success is one unrivaled adjective; passionate. He produces his dishes with immense skill and confidence and his creations are both unique and beautifully presented. He takes pride in his ingredients and chooses to cook exclusively with fresh and sustainable farm produce.

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Gregory has spent time cooking for some of the finest restaurants abroad. He crafted the menu for elite culinary spots in Brussels, Geneva and Lyon. If these many accolades aren’t enough to have you rushing to reserve a seat at Waterkloof, Czarnecki has also cooked for some of the world’s most high profile personalities, like Tony Blair, Paul McCartney and Woody Allen.

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As a French-born culinary master, Chef Gregory’s cooking style always remains true to his roots. He knows how to add that playful edge to cuisine, whilst still respecting the dish’s sophistication. His inspired approach to food and drink is seemingly manifested in the restaurant’s exceptional setting, sitting high on the slopes overlooking False Bay. His fine attention to detail and creativity are what make him who he is, and so, Gregory continues to prevail as a cutting-edge, authentic and truly unique chef.

It is Friday and we all need a bit of foodie eye candy! Here are some of his superb creations.

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