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4 ginfusions you need to try

A good bottle of gin will always be a welcome gift, but you could kick it up a notch by making your own flavoured versions. Infusing gin is very simple: pour the alcohol into a sterilised glass bottle with one of the ingredients below. Store in a cool, dark place for 1 week. Get creative with the additions – experimentation is a requirement!

Those who can take the heat

Infuse with red chillies
Drink with ginger ale
Garnish with an orange slice

That sweet someone

Infuse with strawberries
Drink with tonic water
Garnish with mint

A lover of classics

Infuse with Earl Grey tea bags
Drink with lemonade
Garnish with cucumber slices

Granny’s gulp

Infuse with fresh lavender
Drink with soda water
Garnish with lavender sprigs

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