You are currently viewing 8 surprising uses for peanut butter to celebrate Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
8 surprising uses for peanut butter

8 surprising uses for peanut butter to celebrate Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

Tomorrow (1 March) marks the amazing Peanut Butter Lover’s (which we are!) Day. And what better way to celebrate than by tickling your brains and letting you in on a few PB secrets? Well, here goes:

By Roxy Greeff

1. Drink it by adding 2 tbsp to a drink, giving you a whopping 8g of protein, perfect for a pre- or post- workout snack. Also, we think peanut butter lattes need to become a thing.
2. The next time your child or pet refuses to take a pill, hide it in a bit of peanut butter. A small bit, mind, otherwise they’ll be smacking their lips for days.
3. Not all of us are up to scratch when it comes to general handiness around the house, so we don’t have Q20 readily available under the kitchen sink. But we certainly always have peanut butter and it works a treat on a squeaky hinge.
4. Do you like that pesto jar or that ginger beer bottle you got at the farmer’s market? Upcycle it and make it your own by smearing some PB over the label. Leave it for a few hours and it will rub right off.
5. As if there isn’t already always a fight over who gets the last chicken sosatie at your braais, mix some peanut butter with a bit of olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce and grated ginger for a killer marinade.
6. Enjoy the idea of having a vibrant bird-filled garden? Attach a hook to a pine cone, cover it in peanut butter, roll in bird seed and then hang it up in your outdoor space.
7. Add a dollop of PB to the bottom of your ice-cream cone to plug it up. No dripping and a tasty treat at the end? What more could you want?
8. If you need to get gum out of your carpets, clothes, your little ones’ hair, anything really, rub it with peanut butter until it lifts.

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