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How to gain kitchen confidence in 3 steps

Gaining kitchen confidence can be quite a tricky business. It may be your kitchen, but who’s to say you’re using it to your full potential? Not everyone likes to cook, it can be stressful and things can get messy quickly. However, if you’re comfortable with your recipes and get to know your own cooking style, things may turn around for you. Here are three easy ways to become the master of your kitchen.

By Mikaela Kagan


It’s pointless trying to learn how to cook something that you’re not going to eat. If you’re not familiar with a dish or how it should taste, you’re not going to put all your energy into producing the best to your ability. Once you’ve mastered your recipe/s, invite friends over for a meal and show them that you can cook one hell of a dish.


Part of cooking is learning how to be efficient and organised in the kitchen. Before diving in head first, make sure you know where all of your ingredients are as well as your cooking utensils. It’s also important to get comfortable with your chopping knife so you can learn how to use it effectively and safely (let’s face it, nobody likes a bloody finger). Plus, your dish will look more professional with immaculately chopped up ingredients!


The longer it takes to make a dish, the more daunting it becomes when you know you have to make it again. Try not to let the little things take up too much time. The more you practise, the more familiar you will become with the recipe. If you’re new to cooking, don’t put yourself under pressure. Allow yourself to become familiar with your recipe and surroundings, then progress to a time limit.

The more time you spend in the kitchen, the more confidence you will gain. Cooking is about trial and error – not everyone gets the recipe spot on their first try. Another great thing about cooking a recipe over and over again is that you can start altering it to suit you. Soon, you will become familiar with what tastes good, and the kitchen will become your playground. Maybe even play a little tune in the background if it keeps you relaxed and focused.

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