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3 forgotten things that take over your kitchen 

Do you really need all those condiment packets in your drawer? Don’t even get us started on that old mug you forgot at the back of the cabinet that’s been there for 15 years! Declutter these three items from your kitchen to free up much-needed space. 

Take-away condiments and cutlery 

Every kitchen has that notorious drawer filled with endless packets of condiments, chopsticks or plastic cutlery from ordered takeaways. Throw them away, or better yet ask them not to include it with your order. Let’s face it – it stays forgotten in the drawer never to be used again. If you don’t want to dispose of them, make this fruit bowl with your endless stash of extra chopsticks: 

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Old baking ingredients  

Unless you are a master baker, you will likely have expired baking products you’ve only used once (looking at you, cream of tartar) lurking at the back of your pantry. Sort through all your flours, powders and sprinkles, check their expiry dates and donate the ones still usable (or use them in this yummy chocolate cake recipe). Next time you get a sweet treat craving, resist the urge to buy your ingredients in bulk to avoid ingredients going to waste.  

Extra mugs  

Do you still have that promotional mug you got with your coffee seven years ago? What about the ‘punny’ mugs you’ve collected over the years that made your co-workers giggle? Without even realising it, your collection of mugs can take over your kitchen cabinet space. Remove all your mugs, figure out which ones you actually use, repack your cabinet with the ones you love and donate the rest. If you’re running low on kitchen cabinet space, hang your beautiful mug collection on hooks – that will free up space and make them easy to reach when you want to use them. This clever DIY trick is perfect for your new reduced mug collection:  


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