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Cheaper cuts of meat

The best cuts of meat – for cheap!

By Jana du Plessis

Let’s face it, no one wants to put a tasteless, dry piece of meat on a plate and call it dinner. But regularly buying the most sought-after cuts of meat doesn’t have a favourable outcome on your pocket either. So say hello to the MyKitchen way of doing things, where flavour, and your budget, both come first!

Take your pick
With beef there are so many cuts to choose from and even more options as how to cook your chosen piece of meat. Read through our recommended list and let us know which ones you can’t wait to try!


Affordable to buy and quick to cook, skirt steak is always a popular choice! This cut is taken from the underbelly of the cow and should only be cooked medium to prevent toughening up. Marinade the meat beforehand and add it to Mexican fajitas or a steak, strawberry and balsamic salad.

This is a thicker, wider piece of meat from the abdominal muscles of a cow – right next to where the skirt steak is taken from. Add rosemary just before grilling it or mince it up to use in a pie or Bolognese.

If you love a good roast, braise or stew, chuck is the way to go. The cut is found just behind the neck by the shoulder blades and is delicious in a saucy one-pot dish with plenty of carrots and potatoes.

This is a lean piece of beef, so be sure to cook it carefully to make sure you end up with a tender, melt-in-your-mouth meal. It’s great served both hot or cold, add a smear of Mrs. Balls Hot Sauce if you’re making a sarmie with some leftovers. This is also a great cut to use if you’re planning on making your own biltong.

Top rump
Introducing the new star of your Sunday roast. Top rump is from the backside of the cow, but we love putting it at the forefront of our dinner table. Make sure its still pink in the middle and serve it with lots of veggies and Mediterranean herbs.

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