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B-well’s new cookbook can you reduce your cancer risk

Cancer has become one of the leading causes of death worldwide, and a heart-wrenching 100 000 South Africans are diagnosed with cancer every year. Common risk factors for cancer include poor lifestyle choices, a lack of exercise, smoking and incorrect diet and nutrition. This is where B-well, in partnership with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), steps in to make a difference with their new cookbook, The Smart Choice Cookbook with CANSA and B-well.

Their book features a collection of recipes that have been developed by CANSA’s consulting dietitian Megan Pentz-Kluyts to focus on healthy cooking methods and ingredients that can positively influence cancer risk reduction. It has you covered for brekkie, lunch, dinner and will have all your snack and treat cravings taken care of. There are also vegan/vegetarian options included in each section.

All the recipes are exciting and packed with flavour, and they explore some of our favourite food trends as well. We can’t wait to start the day with their Power Green Smooth Bowl, or build our Salad In A Jar for lunch. You can also enjoy Curried Fish With Apricots for dinner and indulge in a Banana And Cranberry Oat Cookie if you feel like something sweet.

And this is just the tip of the delicious iceberg with plenty of recipes to choose from as well as basics that will encourage all of us to work with fresh ingredients and try new combinations more at home.

And the best part? It’s accessibility! The book will be available to download for free on both CANSA and B-well’s websites. If you’re ready to tuck in, download your copy now:

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