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Local AFRIKOA Chocolate wins International Great Taste Award

This year the world’s most prestigious food awards, Great Taste, announced that local South African chocolate brand AFRIKOA won the Great Taste Award for its 55% Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate.

By Taryn Wilson

AFRIKOA is a locally produced bean-to-bar chocolate brand that sources its cocoa straight from local African farmers. With a direct trade-line to Tanzanian farmers, AFRIKOA ensures the finest quality cocoa beans while also supporting sustainability and local African business.

Four different kinds of chocolate are sent to over 200 stockists across South Africa. Their range includes:

– 80% Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate, with a smooth and bitter finish that is suitable for diabetics and those on a banting diet

– 70% Dark Chocolate with tropical fruit flavours

– 27% Milk Chocolate with tastes of fudge and caramel for the perfect amount of sweetness

– The award-winning 55% Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate, which carries a velvety smooth texture and maintains a perfect balance of sweet and bitter.

All of AFRIKOA’s chocolate is both Halaal and Kosher-certified with no artificial colourings, flavourings or soy. They are also lactose-free, making them a vegan-friendly option too.

This year was AFRIKOA’s first time entering the Great Taste Awards, and with exceptional results. ‘We are incredibly honoured to win in a category with so many fantastic chocolates from around the world,’ says AFRIKOA head chocolate-maker Antonino Allegra. ‘For us, this is recognition that chocolate made in South Africa from African cocoa beans can compete with the best in the world.’

The chocolate was judged by over 500 experts, from chefs, food critics, producers, restauranteurs, food journalists and more. AFRIKOA’s 55% Semi-Sweet Dark Chocolate was described by the judges as ‘A milk chocolate mouthfeel with a dark chocolate taste. The tart fruit notes balanced by the slight nuttiness and creaminess travel on and on. An eyes-closed moment to savour.’ It is truly an amazing feat for the South African company.

AFRIKOA’s team will continue to strive for excellence and absolute quality of their product. While not all of their cocoa farmers can afford Organic-certified stamps, the farms are free from the use of chemicals and pesticides. Antonio and AFRIKOA are committed to help better the conditions of African farmers and simplify the system by removing any middlemen, opting to work one-on-one with their suppliers instead.

To learn more about this brand, their products and the work they do and to find out where to buy it, visit

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