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Are you South Africa’s next Milk Tart Champion?

That is the question on Deeghuys’ lips. Proudly South Africa and a global pioneer in frozen convenience baking, Deeghuys is launching a competition this year in search of South Africa’s Milk Tart Champion. The winner will be treated to naming rights and royalties with their milk tart being sold in Deeghuys stores countrywide.

By Jana du Plessis

It is the launch of the cookbook, The South African Milk Tart Collection, by brother-sister duo Callie Maritz & Mari-Louis Guy that inspired the competition. The book consists of recipes to suit any taste or occasion, with additions like naartjie, peach leaves, caramel and of course, the traditional cinnamon flavour. Where and how the traditional version originated is slightly obscure, but some guesses go to the Dutch who brought cinnamon down via the Dutch East India Company establishment in Cape Town and the abundance of fresh dairy available from the Cape Colony farms. A marriage between the two ingredients was inevitable and the delicious, custard-y dessert was born.

The mission of the Deeghuys franchise is to enable everyone to enjoy top-quality, freshly baked goods in the comfort of their homes with an emphasis on dough-based, frozen foods. And having a milk tart in the oven any time you crave that sweet, nostalgic smell is top-quality catering at its best!


For those interested in entering the competition, head to the Deeghuys website by the 21st of February to complete the entry form. The top 20 recipes will be chosen and the participants will be asked to partake in the semi-finals which will be a two-part event held in Pretoria and Cape Town on the 25th of February with 10 semi-finalists in each region who will be required to bring their tarts for tasting. Four finalists will then be invited to a black tie bake-off to be held in Cape Town on the 16th of March where the winner will be decided upon.

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