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The world’s most exclusive potato chip

This interesting concept was largely inspired by a stellar India Pale Ale and expertly executed by the Swedish National Culinary Team – introducing the worlds most exclusive potato chip!

Nordic novelty

Made from rare Nordic ingredients, these chips promise a flavour sensation like nothing experienced before. Matsutake mushrooms are the first flavourant, a similar taste to that of mature cheese. This unusual species of mushroom is exclusively found in the pine tree forests of Northern Sweden.

The other fantastical ingredients, like truffle seaweed, come from the waters around the Faroe islands, while the crown dill, has been carefully selected for its fresh and pungent flavour. The Leksand onion, native to the town of the same name, offers a wonderful flavour while St Eriks’ own India Pale Ale wort (a sweet syrup made from barley malt) balances out all the savoury flavours with its sweet richness.

Lastly, the actual potatoes are planted and harvested by hand in the mountains of Ammarnäs – how exotic!

Check-out basket

Intrigued by the weird and wonderful flavours of this Swedish speciality? It will cost you just over R900 for one of the limited edition boxes containing five of these carefully curated chips. Still keen on a taste of the Norse? Read more here.

Photography: S:t Eriks Bryggeri

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