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Espresso, choc chip, peanut butter and mint smoothie

5 get-up-and-go super smoothies

Smoothies tend to be a highly underrated meal supplement considering how quick, simple and nutritious they can be. If you’re in too much of a rush in the morning to make breakfast or are simply looking for an easier, no-fuss option, we have 5 get-up-and-go super smoothies to start your day!

By Taryn Wilson


Get up and go smoothie

Adding this yummy ingredient to your morning meal will make it rich in energy and flavour! It’s a classic favourite, and you can even kick it up a notch with some protein powder.
Try it: Peanut butter get-up-and-go smoothie


Nothing short of a berry blast, these sweet summer fruits hold loads of antioxidants and add a sweet start to your day.
Try it: Quick grab-and-go berry smoothie


Espresso, choc chip, peanut butter and mint smoothie

Why not have your morning cuppa and breakfast all in one? Get your coffee dose and all your nutrients in an energising and filling shake.
Try it: Espresso and banana smoothie


Superfood smoothie

For a healthier option, a superfood green smoothie is an ultimate way to kickstart your metabolism and fill up on important nutrients. Plus, it makes for a super creamy and sweet treat!
Try it: Spinach, avo, green tea and honey superfood smoothie


Pawpaw and ginger smoothie

Take full advantage of the summertime harvest with a medley of sweet fruits in your smoothie. It’s like a fruit salad, but better and super convenient.
Try it: Pawpaw and ginger smoothie

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