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Espresso, choc chip, peanut butter and mint smoothie

5 get-up-and-go super smoothies

  • Post published:February 13, 2019

Smoothies tend to be a highly underrated meal supplement considering how quick, simple and nutritious they can be. If you’re in too much of a rush in the morning to make breakfast or are simply looking for an easier, no-fuss option, we have 5 get-up-and-go super smoothies to start your day!

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Loaded avo shakes

  • Post published:July 20, 2018

Start your day with a healthy dose of green with these loaded avo shakes! A take on the Brazilian ‘vitamina de abacate’, it has a lovely sweet and creamy texture.

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6 ways to prolong summer fruit

6 ways to prolong summer fruit

  • Post published:November 25, 2016

There is such a wonderful abundance of fruit on our supermarket shelves, come this time of year! Because all of these delightful offerings are in season, your favourite summer fruits are much cheaper now than they will be in the wintery months. We suggest you make the most of it!

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