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Treat, or treat?

I must say, Halloween has never been a big deal to me.

It was when I was younger, back when we would roam the streets with buckets and hang around at our neighbours’ door until they filled it with whatever they could find in the kitchen (it not being a big deal, you’d land up with some pretty interesting goodies – Mini Cheddars, Salticrax, fruit, leftover meatballs, old Christmas cards…). Then my brother, sister and I would race home, dump our buckets out and gorge on the treasures until the pains in our bellies would put a sudden stop to the fun.

But that was then. These days, my sister is still fully embracing Halloween and makes a point of throwing a creepy, eery, wickedly delightful party every year.

Inspired by my sister, we put together our own Halloween-inspired menu, perfect for a slightly classier (sorry sis, but those eyeball jelly shots last year were a sight I will never unsee) dinner party. Starting with some stuffed peppers, and ending off with blood-red cherry cupcakes, it’s a wicked feast you don’t want to miss. Find it here.

Happy Halloween!



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