Royco’s lasagne

  • Post published:February 28, 2017

Lasagne is one of those comfy dishes that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hefty helping of this cheesy, meaty pasta and just indulge.

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Marmite and oxtail soup

Marmite-oxtail soup

  • Post published:January 8, 2017

We all have a jar of Marmite at home and we all love oxtail – this recipes combines the two perfectly. This dish makes for the perfect family Sunday lunch. Not to mention, it’s a great recipe to cook in bulk and freeze for those lazy weeknights when you have no inspiration for dinner.

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Mutton curry bunny chow

Mutton-curry bunny chow

  • Post published:December 27, 2016

A hollowed-out half loaf of fresh, crusty white bread, a delicious filling of budget-friendly curry, and a beautiful South African day – it’s what casual entertaining is made of.

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No time to wait rub for chops

No-time-to-wait rub for chops

  • Post published:December 22, 2016

Do you need your chops, like, right now? There’s no need to wait or to compromise on flavour, with this baby in your repertoire. It takes a mere 10 minutes to whip up, leaving you with plenty of time to rub it on to your chops and get them on to the fire, where they belong.

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Honey-mustard gammon

  • Post published:December 18, 2016

Are you planning on ditching the turkey for a gammon this Christmas. We lathered ours in a money-mustard glaze made with rich brown sugar, for a unique take on a traditional ham.

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