9 edible flowers for everyday cooking

  • Post published:October 20, 2017

We got together with Chef Alicia Gilliomee from the Capital Hotel School (link to your website) to learn more about using florals in everyday cooking, right in time for summer! Humans have been using florals since they were gatherers; collecting fragrant roots, leaves, seeds for spices and flowers to infuse into potions for medicinal purposes. Florals would also be used for the sheer enjoyment of their flavour, and because these natural beauties have always held some power of adornment.

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The big apples

  • Post published:September 22, 2017

You head into the fruit aisle and you see bags and bags of them. We thought we’d save you some time so that you can differentiate between the various types and choose the perfect apples for you.

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Cost-saving entertaining the MK way – because every cent counts!

  • Post published:November 10, 2016

Before we even start, the first thing you need to do is to choose your ingredients wisely. Ditch the prawns and fillet, and focus on economical ingredients that will fill the gap and delight your guests. Go for traditionally cost-effective meat cuts such as silverside, or think outside the box with a pasta buffet. Let’s get started!

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