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Celebrating 150 years with TABASCO® with 5 fun facts we bet you didn’t know

In the town of Louisiana in 1868, the first tabasco pepper crop was harvested and used to create the delicious sauce we know today. Presently, TABASCO® is a world-renowned sauce and kitchen condiment with a permanent place in many restaurants and kitchens.

By Taryn Wilson

An essential ingredient for cooking, TABASCO® is sold in over 185 countries world-wide and 2018 marks the 150 year anniversary of its history and influence. Tabasco peppers, vinegar and salt form the 3 main ingredients, and each bottle is made by Edmund McIlhenny’s family on Avery Island, the founder of the very first TABASCO® sauce.

Celebrate with TABASCO® by trying the classic recipes and drinks that helped make the brand a successful name. Visit for more or search the hashtag #TABASCO150 on social media.

In the meantime, check out these 5 cool facts we bet you didn’t know about TABASCO®:

1. Avery Island, the home of Mcllhenny’s family, is where all TABASCO®  products are processed. The island includes a 170-acre nature reserve with rare birds, tropical plants and alligators.

2. Along with the family, about half of the employees are residents on Avery Island as well, where many of their ancestors have lived.

3. TABASCO® take 5 years to get from seed to sauce, with an extra 3 years of maturing in repurposed bourbon whiskey barrels.

4. Ripeness of the peppers is measured using a red stick or ‘le petit baton rouge’, which is the same method that has been used since the first production of TABASCO® by Mcllhenny.

5. TABASCO® has been used to better the taste of space food on the International Space Station as the lack of gravity affects astronauts’ sense of taste.

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