Meal Prep 101

  • Post published:April 6, 2018

This is one fad that’s been around for quite a while, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve always wanted to give it a try but have been unsure as to where to begin, we’ve got some tips on how to meal prep like the best of them.

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SA’s Listeriosis outbreak: What you need to know

  • Post published:January 24, 2018

Listeriosis is a food-borne bacterial disease and, as you know, it has taken SA by storm. The World Health Organisation has officially confirmed that what we are currently experiencing is the largest outbreak of Listeriosis ever, with around 750 laboratory-confirmed cases so far. This may not seem like so large a number, but considering it is a preventable, treatable disease, this number is far from positive.

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Christmas cooking made easy – Top tips from chef Tamsyn Wells

  • Post published:December 15, 2017

As the executive chef at the African Pride 15 on Orange Hotel in Cape Town, Tamsyn Wells is well acquainted with preparing complicated meals in multiple courses for large amounts of people. And that’s why she is the perfect person to give you some handy advice to make your festive cooking journey a little less tiresome this year.

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Home-made coconut milk

  • Post published:November 3, 2017

Looking for cool new ways to use your juicer that doesn’t involve health drinks? Use it to make your own home-made coconut milk, and then use it make one of the divine recipes below for that tropical, nutty flavour we all know and love! 

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What you need to know about eating disorders with Dr Sarvani Pather

  • Post published:October 30, 2017

Eating disorders affect all different types of people, negatively impacting their mental and physical health as well as their productivity and relationships. Dr Sarvani Pather, a psychiatrist at Akeso Crescent Clinic, explains what elements could lead to Anorexia Nervosa (AN) and Bulimia (BN), as well as any tell-tale signs or symptoms and what the recovery process looks like.

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5 ways to eat yourself to a summer body with Servd Fresh

  • Post published:October 26, 2017

With our lives constantly getting busier and busier, cooking wholesome and healthy meals every day can become tiring, or there is just no time. Servd Fresh is all about taking the planning, shopping, prepping and cooking out of your daily routine by delivering meals of the freshest quality right to your doorstep. Their food is healthy, balanced, delicious and comes in fully biodegradable packaging! They helped us put together 5 ways to eat your way to a summer body and how they can help, should you need a hand.

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9 edible flowers for everyday cooking

  • Post published:October 20, 2017

We got together with Chef Alicia Gilliomee from the Capital Hotel School (link to your website) to learn more about using florals in everyday cooking, right in time for summer! Humans have been using florals since they were gatherers; collecting fragrant roots, leaves, seeds for spices and flowers to infuse into potions for medicinal purposes. Florals would also be used for the sheer enjoyment of their flavour, and because these natural beauties have always held some power of adornment.

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Is juicing worth the hype?

  • Post published:October 4, 2017

Whichever way you peel it, fruit and veg are at the core of good health, well known to reduce the risk of chronic degenerative diseases, including hypertension, heart problems, Type 2 diabetes and even some cancers. That’s where juicing comes in. Fasting fans list five main benefits ... and dietitians give their responses. So, is juicing worth the hype?

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