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5 ways to eat yourself to a summer body with Servd Fresh

With our lives constantly getting busier and busier, cooking wholesome and healthy meals every day can become tiring, or there is just no time. Servd Fresh is all about taking the planning, shopping, prepping and cooking out of your daily routine by delivering meals of the freshest quality right to your doorstep. Their food is healthy, balanced, delicious and comes in fully biodegradable packaging! They helped us put together 5 ways to eat your way to a summer body and how they can help, should you need a hand.

By Roxy Greeff


According to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, you should be eating the majority of your calories before 3 PM. So save the carbs for brekkie and lunch, don’t eat lunch too late, and keep your dinner light and fresh.

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Aside from the obvious reasons to avoid these food options, you are also more likely to eat more if you dine out as opposed to eating delicious food at home. This will save you both time and money!

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A smoothie made from natural ingredients makes for a great breakfast or snack. Make sure yours is packed with healthy fats and carbs for energy. If you have one for brekkie, it will prevent you from craving sugar later on and indulging in empty carbohydrates.

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You’ve just finished a killer workout and now your muscles need time to recover. Reach for a protein-heavy snack after training to help them out. A scoop of whey powder in a smoothie should do the trick! And make sure you are eating balanced meals with protein in each one.

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If you are on a low-carb diet and find that it isn’t working for you, don’t give up! It has been proven to help burn fat and to reverse many metabolic-related symptoms like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Your meals should be high in fat to control your hunger and to avoid cravings.

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