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5 tips to party it up this season without losing your healthy eating habits

It’s the end of the year and inevitably our calendars are filling up with end-year celebrations and social gatherings. While this season’s fun-filled nights with their tasty snacks and complementary booze sound promising, it also makes keeping up healthy eating habits a whole lot harder. Here are our top tips to enjoy the party without giving up on your health the next day.

By Jana du Plessis

1. Hydration is key

Our bodies are mostly made up of water – a clear indicator that it’s vital for us to stay hydrated on any given day. But add in the dehydrating effects of alcohol and our need to fill up on H2O becomes of even more important. Aim for drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout the day and alternate every alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.

2. Fuel with fruit and veg

The chance that you will be offered a balanced plate with nutrient-dense food at a party isn’t likely, so be sure to replenish the deficit the day after. Skip the greasy pizza or oily fries – these won’t do much for your mind or your body after a boozy night out. Rather add extra veggies and fruits to your meals to up your nutrient-intake and fuel up.

3. Keep portions in check

A hefty meal might be the soothing comfort you are looking for after one drink too many last night, but you don’t want to burden your body with more hard work. Your body will already be dealing with the extra calories and toxins from the alcohol and party snacks, so take it easy on your digestion by keeping meals slightly smaller. You’ll feel better snacking on a piece of fruit in between meals than feeling overly stuffed and fragile.

4. Kick the caffeine

Or try to, at least. Coffee is a diuretic and can worsen the symptoms of dehydration. If you cannot skip your morning pick-me-up, limit your coffee cups to one or two for the day and sip on tea instead.

5. Get moving

Even if just getting out of bed feels like a struggle, staying active will help with a faster recovery and help burn off that second helping of dessert you couldn’t resist. If you don’t feel like an intense sweat-sesh at the gym, a brisk 30-minute walk will still do wonders for your mind and body.

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