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Get up and go smoothie

Get-up-and-go smoothie

  • Post published:November 8, 2016

Get your vitamin fix in one big, delicious gulp by prepping this smoothie for tomorrow morning. With the vitamin E and magnesium from the peanut butter, potassium from the bananas, and protein and calcium from the milk and yoghurt, this yummy smoothie is the very best way to start your day.

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Chocolate – a healthy brekkie option?

  • Post published:November 6, 2016

Ever since MK editor Heather wrote a blog post about her surprisingly healthy habit of eating chocolate cake for breakfast (and shared an amazing chocolate cake recipe, which you can find here), I have been wondering whether this brekkie trend is as good as it sounds. Eating chocolate for breakfast seems more like an early Christmas gift than something that’s part of a health-conscious daily routine. Surprisingly, our favourite super snack has more health benefits than you’d think.

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