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2017 trend alert! Chocolate cake for breakfast

Confession time: I’m not the biggest fan of food trends. I think food is best when left out of the trend scope and kept simple, yet delicious. Hey, that’s just me. But when the UK’s Independent announced a food trend on the horizon for 2016, it got my attention…

Chocolate cake is the hottest new food for breakfast. Yup, let’s say that again. Chocolate cake for breakfast.

I have a few questions. But first, let’s learn more.

According to Liz Moscow, culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group, an advertising firm based in Colorado, US, chocolate cake will be showing up as an amuse-bouche on breakfast menus. Not only that; restaurants serving brunch and breakfast will soon introduce dessert menus too.  Music to my ears, as a self-confessed chocoholic.

So, my first question: why is this a trend now? I mean, we can’t possibly even try to deny the fact that we haven’t been eating cake for breakfast for years. Well, the Independent cites two recent studies that reveal some health benefits to eating cocoa. A Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study linked the food to cognitive function, while a study conducted by Tel Aviv University found that eating chocolate for breakfast could aid weight loss because it reduces cravings throughout the day.

My second question: Does it have to be chocolate cake? Personally, I love a good slice of red velvet in the morning (there’s something special about the combination of the savoury cream cheese icing and sweet sponge cake hitting your sleepy taste buds). A wedge of carrot cake is basically like having a muffin for breakfast.   

No matter the logistics, this is one trend I can firmly get behind. I mean, theoretically, I’m away ahead of the curve already, favouring cake over eggs any day of the week…

Seeing as I’ve mentioned ‘cake’ far too many times for my taste buds to handle, I need to share with you the best-ever chocolate cake recipe, smothered in a salted-caramel sauce that will make you believe in miracles. Just trust me on this one:

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