Drinks or dessert? Let’s just have both!

  • Post published:March 28, 2017

We all dream of a world where we can have our cake and eat it too. But if we had to have all the cake we wanted (read: everyday), it wouldn’t fit too well into our plan of living a relatively healthy and balanced life. So what are we then to do when it comes to choosing between dessert or that after-work cosmo? Well, why not just throw it in with the batter!

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A traditional eggnog

  • Post published:December 2, 2016

We are back to a traditional eggnog recipe with this one, raw egg and all. Although raw eggs have no negative health implications, many people don’t like the taste. In our recipe, we mostly use the whipped egg whites for that ;lovely texture this jolly drink is known for. So if you aren’t into that as an option, feel free to swap them out for unsweetened whipped cream.

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