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Spicy pork calzone

Sick of plain old pork bangers? Create beautiful budget meals with freezer finds from your local supermarket. Here’s how to bring new life to these cheap-as-chips ingredients, by using them to make a spicy pork calzone.


For the calzone
1 tsp yeast
Pinch caster sugar
1 tbsp olive oil
175 ml lukewarm water
1½ cups white bread flour
½ tsp salt
For the filling
2 cups grated mozzarella
1 tsp chopped parsley
1 red pepper, seeded and chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
1 red onion, peeled and sliced into petals
½ tsp chilli flakes
4 frozen pork bangers, defrosted and casings removed
Salt and pepper

For the calzone
1. Mix the yeast, sugar, oil and water in a bowl. Set aside in a warm place for 10 minutes, until bubbles start to form.
2. Mix flour and salt in a bowl and make a well in the centre. Pour in the yeast mixture and stir until it all comes together. Cover and set aside in a warm place for 30 minutes, until the dough has doubled in size.
For the filling
1. Preheat oven to 180°C.
2. Mix cheese and parsley, then refrigerate until ready to use.
3. Roast the red pepper in the oven for 15 minutes.
4. Heat the oil then fry the onion and chilli for 5 minutes, until the onion is soft. Add the sausage meat, breaking it up into large chunks with a wooden spoon.
5. Add the red pepper, season well and set aside to cool.
To assemble
1. Line 2 baking trays.
2. Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and knock back gently. Divide into 2 pieces and roll each out into a rough circle.
3. Spoon ½ cheese mixture on to the bottom half of the dough, leaving a 1 cm border, then top with ½ sausage mixture.
4. Fold over the top part to enclose the filling, forming a half circle. Seal well, working outward, pushing out any air pockets that may have formed. Crimp the edges by folding the border over itself. Repeat with the remaining dough and filling.
5. Lightly brush each calzone with oil. Bake for 15–20 minutes.

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