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Rawnola with berry nice cream

The raw food trend isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the latest obsession with granola! Mix those two amazing things to get rawnola and serve it with a wholesome berry-nice cream, and you really do have a breakfast for champions.

SERVES 2 // COOKING TIME 20 min, plus freezing time

350 g frozen mixed berries
1 banana, sliced and frozen
8 fresh dates, halved
2 cups oats
¼ cup flaked almonds, toasted

1. Blend berries and banana until thick and smooth. Refreeze for 15 minutes.
2. Blend together ¼ cup water, ½ dates, ½ oats and ½ almonds. Add the rest of the oats.
3. Scoop the nice cream into bowls and crumble the rawnola over it. Sprinkle with the remaining dates and almonds.

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