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Ostrich steak salad with pearl couscous

Need a quick dinner fix after a busy day? This pearl couscous and ostrich steak salad is a fast and healthy option for when you aren’t motivated to prepare a big and lavish meal.


For the steaks
400 g ostrich steak
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp sumac
For the dressing
100 g sun-dried tomatoes
10 g parsley
¼ cup olive oil
¼ cup apple-cider vinegar
1 tbsp sesame seeds
2 tsp honey
1 tsp chilli flakes
Salt and pepper
To serve
¾ cup pearl couscous, cooked
200 g vine tomatoes, roasted

For the steaks
1. Massage the steaks with olive oil, then sprinkle evenly with sumac. Heat a griddle pan and cook the steaks for 3–4 minutes on each side.
2. Allow to rest for 10 minutes, then cut into strips.
For the dressing
1. In a food processor, blend all of the ingredients until fairly smooth.
To serve
1. Mix the dressing with the couscous. Top with tomatoes and steak.

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