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The new wine rules

The new wine rules

We turned to Cape Sommelier, Ewan Mackenzie to find out what you need to know about the changing wine game.

An aromatic cross between Chenin Blanc and zingy unwooded Chardonnay, with a deliciously pronounced texture you’d usually get from a Sémillon.

Chilling red wine may be untraditional, but if you want to drink red during summer, it’s a necessity.No need to worry about airs and graces here – putting your Merlot on ice is now perfectly acceptable.

Real men drink pink drinks. The rise of ‘brosé’ has seen winemakers using adventurous grape varieties to get that same rosy tint, resulting in a range of different wines to suit every taste. Look out for lighter reds too.

Winemakers across the world are recognising the practicality of the screw top. Gung-ho makers are even trying unusual, hands-on bottling techniques: think funnels, hoses and lots of mess!

Move over Pinot. While Grenache Noir can be light and delicate, it’s a little wild, with flavours of brambles and hedgerow berries. It’s often paired with Syrah and Mourvèdre, but it is even better on its own.

This variety is only just coming into the picture, as there’s a lot of red tape from government. A forgotten Bordeaux cultivar that is now synonymous with Argentina, Carménère is set to be hot on the SA line-up.

Another welcome trend is a growing by-the-glass menu in restaurants.

Wine is no longer seen as the stuffy drink of the hoity-toity. Speciality shops and wine bars are popping up as places for newbie wine lovers to ask curious questions. Specialised events such as Tuning the Vine in Cape Town bring wine-makers and drinkers together to chat. Social media is also becoming a popular platform for sharing wine stories, info and discussion. So don’t be shy…

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