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Know your lettuce

Summer is here and that means plenty of fresh, delicious salads. The question is; do you know your rocket from your romaine? This week, we’re all about the lettuce!



It may not be as flavourful as its other leafy cousins, but iceberg has that crispy crunch we all love. Its tight head also makes it simple to shred with your hands. It’s delightful texture will add a burst of freshness to sandwiches, burgers and wraps.



The smooth, buttery texture of this variety makes it the perfect base for salads with creamy dressings. Pair it with a textured, crunchy element like chopped spring onions, peppers or nuts.

Leaf lettuce


If you’re a home gardener, this is the lettuce for you! The leaves don’t grow in a head but individually off the stem so you can harvest only what you need, when you need it.



This type of leafy green is easily identifiable by its thick spine and distinctive shape and colour. It has a slightly bitter taste which works well with strong ingredients, such as those used in a traditional Caesar salad. Baby gem lettuce is just a smaller, sweeter variety of cos.



These leaves are scrumptious in a salad, but their slight peppery taste will add a punch to just about any dish. We love it on pizza, burgers, in meaty salads and as an accompaniment to a perfectly poached egg.



One of our personal fun favourites, these curly leaves make this a particualrly attractive salad addition. And here’s a little secret for you; it’s uniquely bitter taste pairs well with just about any cheese… and glass of wine!

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