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5 ways to include organic eating into your every day life

Of the many health trends we’ve seen this year, a big one has been the move towards organic eating and methods of living that promote sustainability and a healthy environment. While this is a great option, it’s no easy (or cheap) task. If you’re looking to go greener with your foods, try some of these tips and check out your local farmer’s markets for fresh produce and inspiration.

By Taryn Wilson

1. Buy fresh produce. Whether from a roadside vendor or a market, this is crucial. Your vegetables, grains, meats and other ingredients should be fresh and grown from organic food farms. You can also look at your local supermarkets for organic foods, but be sure to check the labels.

2. Get it whole. Instead of buying cut-up, processed and packaged foods, try to go for the whole thing. For example, purchase an entire chicken and make a delicious roast, or separate the pieces yourself to freeze and cook later on. Instead of going for a bag of pre-prepared veggies, buy fresh and whole options, cut them up yourself and season.

3. Recycle. Avoid plastic bags and tupperware altogether. Rather make use of organically made shopping bags and glass jars to store food and other items in the home. Also, keep your leftover food scraps to make a compost, or to put in your own garden.

4. Start a veggie patch or herb garden. While these require a lot of upkeep and patience, growing your own food brings not only a great feeling of accomplishment, but you will be rewarded with fresh home-grown ingredients, and it’ll save you produce costs.

5. Work from scratch. Stick to buying raw ingredients that you can put together yourself to make the foods you need. This will keep you from consuming processed foods and you’ll save space in your pantry.



Bryanston Organic and Natural Market, Johannesburg
Neighbourgoods Market, Braamfontein

Western Cape

Greyton Saturday Morning Market
Outeniqua Farmers’ Market, George
Oranjezicht City Farm Market

KwaZulu Natal

Karkloof Farmer’s Market, Howick
Shongweni Farmers Market, Outer West Durban

Free State

Boeremark Market, Bloemfontein
Clarens Country Market

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