It saved my salad!

I have to be honest: salads are not up there on ‘Heather’s top things to eat’ list.

I think it’s because a bad salad is really heart-breaking: soggy lettuce, a few sad tomato slices, a bit of feta trying to save the day. Okay, that is a really bad salad, but still, you get my point. 

So would you believe me if I told you I found something that could even save that salad?

Yup, it’s called savoury granola. And it’s genius. 

It’s the same concept as your traditional sweet granola one would munch on for brekkie, but instead of adding sugar, coconut and sweeteners, you add herbs, salt, pepper, orange zest, mustard, olive oil. Then you bake these delicious flavours with some oats, nuts and seeds and voila!

I have a jar of this sitting on my counter – it’s my new favourite thing!

Need to know more, don’t you? Watch our tutorial video here:

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